Notes on Use

This web app is run off a database containing all historic data from the first Marin County Breeding Bird Atlas (labeled Shuford), eBird breeding bird data up until 2021 (the start year of the current study), and the current data all of our fearless volunteers are collecting out in the field right now. Please see the entry at the bottom of this page for the last time data was updated in this application. We chose to cut off eBird data after the end of 2020 because we know many of our volunteers will be using eBird to collect their data. In order to compare eBird data with our survey data in this tool we must keep these data separate. After all, many of these locations wouldn't have been surveyed if it weren't for this Atlas.

The taxonomic order and species codes used in this app follow the well-known-standard published by the Institute for Bird Populations (IBP). It is assumed in this app that the user is familiar with these codes and the way in which avian taxonomy is organized, however if you are not please check out the most recent release by IBP here.

Many of you who were around while this web app was still under development may remember the QGIS web-map available in the beginning of the survey. Due to limitations in the QGIS platform it was not chosen for the final map for this project, however it is still available and is currently being used to prototype habitat maps. You can find it here. You can also find a QGIS map of Marin County parcels here, click on the parcel to get its ID, look up the IDs for property ownership here: Assessor Records. The QGIS web-map does have location services which is great for seeing your location in the context of this map, however I personally recommend learning how to use KMZ files for running the MCBBA map on your mobile device as they do not require an internet connection to run. In the "Block Resources" tab of this app you will find a download link for a KMZ of your study area. Susan Kelly, region coordinator of Region C: Novato, made this great write up on how to use KMZ here. Any general project questions in the meantime you can contact the project coordinator at Any questions about maps or the data behind this app shoot me an email at Thanks and happy surveying!

-William Wiskes, GIS Analyst, Marin County Breeding Bird Atlas

Database last updated on: September 19 2021